Neon Tail screenshotsaturday 20190616

These weeks have been frantic for me, it's very hard to find some time to make a video... but here it is, this week's late #screenshotsaturday a ton of work have been done. From what we saw during #bitsummit , we tried to snipe out what new players needs the most, what kind of explanation in what order and what was most effective to teach them the basics. Turns out we would need a sturdy tutorial for our game, with a visual of how things look when done well. I will also need to add a gamepad UI that shows the input of the demo girl in real time.

So here it is, the beginner's basic tutorial with a new level, called "The Garage", that will serve has HQ as well as tutorial and chill place for our characters.

Here's a list of all I've done :
- Analysed feedbacks from Bitsummit.
- Made a new character playable.
- Fixed selfie Screenshot file saving.
- Created a ghosting system that allows me to record my inputs.
- Input can now come from both code or player's input.
- NPC can now ghost a player's input.
- Wrote proper dialog localization system.
- Converted all dialogs to new system.
- Fixed wallrun out of wall direction.
- Added Text autoLanguageSet using new workflow.
- Modeled and created the Garage.
- Finished Garage basic tutorial.
- Added Checkpoints.
- Added Spawn location list based on from which level you come.
- Fixed Target indicator's bugs.
- Fixed SFX volume bug.
- Fixed mission related unintended workflow.
- Created new Data classes for relationships and more localization stuff.
- Grew a bunch of new white hair.

I'll try to get the advanced tutorial done by next week, and fix a bunch of minor bugs that's been in the game for a while.

The pace is frantic, but we're working hard to try to get a solid build by October.
See you next week! ;)

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