Neon Tail screenshotsaturday 20210725

This might surprise many of you, but there's a reason why the Trick system isn't as complicated nor as deep as a Tony Hawk.

There's an invasion coming, and Super Powers are needed.

Doing Tricks won't save Blue Pulse City, and in order to balance it all, the complexity removed from the Tricks System is actually meant for the Combat System.

Basic ground melee attack was made.

The basic AI system was written.

Many animations and special effects, sounds and new strange characters were added.

The combat now is starting to feel good, but there's still a lot to do to make it feel great, unique and stylish!

Tricks will serve the Combat, and the Combat will absolutely need Tricks!

I've also added and reworked all the story missions leading to this big change in Ruby.

Everything is still work in progress, but without the monthly upload build, progress is a lot faster.

Please bear with us, this polish phase should resolve soon.

Thank you for your patience!

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