NeonTail Demo Build 01118

- Improved the Hypershot visuals and added particles

- Fixed accidental heaviness on Hypershot  

- Added Birds, animated and coded it to fly away on player's approach
- Added cats, made a funny scared jump, and coded the jump away attitude.
- Added dogs the same way
- Removed Boost from Button B
- Spin Boost system added (Turn around and accelerate to boost)
- Improved wallrun system (Press Rt for controlled boost, turning with Ls, Lt to hold the wall)
- Fixed many wallrun bugs
- Fixed and added grind poses
- Modeled and animated the Zombeanies
- Added a Pedestrian / Zombeanies invasion system
- Added spin pose based on rotation while falling
- Added snow fall + auto optimizing code
- Added a couple of VR Challenge levels
- upper city in heavy construction (not visible in build)

- Added a new NPC
- Added camera's occlusion culling
- Added exit VR from booth.
- Grinding speed limit increased to 20km/h, if coming in from faster speed, will slowly slow down to 20km/h
- Speeding down slope flying up bug fixed (Check VR Challenge 4)
- Speeding down slope max limit increased to 30km/h
- Added a Christmas hat! <:3

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May 01, 2019

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