Neon Tail screenshotsaturday 20190406

This week's #screenshotsaturday on my project ”Neon Tail” I've only worked on the shop system, but that was actually quite a trip around.

- In order to have a shopping system I needed first to create a UI menu, so that's what i did.
- In my UI menu I needed first the datas about each items, so I created the Items database, containing all items descriptions, names, types (such as cosmetics, consumable, food, or gift) and prewrote a little about each type's usage and spent some time working on how/who could access this.
- With the item database done and back to my shop menu, I understood that I had to implement an inventory system, which holds a specific amount of items based on your bag size. Of course the item type would determine whether the item was unique consumable equippable accessible by this or that etc...
- meh, gotta do the items meshes. I tweaked some already done to fit our girl.
- In order to equip the cosmetic type of item, I needed to specify which part of the body it will go to and also specify which hair part I should hide or display based on the head gear. So I wrote all that, it's actually a lot of codes and thoughts game design wise.
- Upon equipping, to make it presentable I created tiny animations, one for body clothes, one for head items. it's quickly done but i'll adjust later, i just want to see my menu work.
- When testing the cutscene, the item didn't appear. Ah.
- My cutscene system wasn't designed to follow the equipment of our character, so I had to update that. Not going into the details of this one but it got me fall asleep of tiredness a couple of times.

Aaand that's one week gone. Well that's a reasonable amount of work for one feature that isn't much to watch. But hey, it's done and functional. I'll polish everything later.
Also i want to model a young bored emo/goth lady vendor that sigh and hate her job.

Have a nice week end, see you next week! ;)

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