NeonTail Demo Build 01117

- Added an arcade VR booth where skill challenges will be available.

- Added 2 VR challenge levels.
- Created game rules for timer countdown, collecting ESpecks, and reaching checkpoints.
- Added Hypershot ability, replacing scoring cutscene. (Lt+Rt while in the air) 
- Updated grinding colliders to be much wider.
- Added small environment props : Ads panels, baskets, ditch covers, flower pots, ladders, Clothe hangers, stop signs, trash cans, toilets, flower pots, etc...
- Updated the secret groovy grandma infinite loop room.
- Fixed colliders and building bugs.
- Fixed wallride off from riding to the sides of a wall.
- Turned UD46 into a night ambience.
- Added automatic language change on the fly.
- Added automatic gamepad to keyboard icons on the fly.
- Added ability to loop 360 degrees on rails. Introduced a minor bug in the license test spiral rail.
- Added hats and bags and different clothes for pedestrians.

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Mar 16, 2019

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