Neon Tail screenshotsaturday 20190310

Hello! For this week's #screenshotsaturday , I made several small changes along with a big update with the job system.

- Structured and wrote the Job System
- When grinding, pressing B will fall down without jumping
- When grinding, pressing Y will change grind pose
- Her head now look at the camera during selfies
- Selfie cam is now angled to the side
- Fixed bug with jumping on steep slope
- Added a mini Job to test the job system (Package Delivery)
- Added (and struggled with) a target pointer for the job's target.

Since I didn't post last week, here's also what was done before :
- Constant force Trigger Added (Makes the player float up)
- Disabled a huge amount of small scripts running for no reason, made only relevant ones run.
- Systems are rewrote
- Props and animals are optimized
- Lightmaps and occlusion culling baked
- Jump : Press Rt Flip, don't press Rt no flip.
- Normalize eyes texture on Ruby
- Decrease loading time by 500%
- Modelled, skinned and rigged a new NPC. The first job giver : Tybalt Von Badyke, the chic punk dude.

Next week I'll be polishing this new package delivery job's system. Later on I hope I'll be even able to model a cute package bag, or even better a delivery outfit and make an imaginary delivery company brand. But one brick at a time.
See you next week! ;)

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