Neon Tail screenshotsaturday 20190112

This couple of weeks I've been working on a build for the Taipei Game Show, where people will come and go maybe try the game for a minute or two then move on. For this special case, we decided to take out the VR levels and tutorials, and instead of trying to create an impossible 2 minutes skating mastering course, I decided to implement other fun sources, work on the universe, the people you meet, their reasons being here, etc...
Hopefully, people trying the game won't just be facing an impossible challenge of mastering the skating physics within 2 minutes, but will find a street to explore, people to meet, and a city to look forward to.
Also hopefully we'll find a way to help funding our project.  Coffee

- Improved dialog system for more flexibility with missions
- Optimized A LOT the pedestrian management system (most of the time went here)
- Fixed many small dialog bugs
- Added Optrellian NPC
- Added lost hat side mission
- Fixed dialog trigger detection bugs

- and shopping district still in construction

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