Neon Tail screenshotsaturday 20181123

Our first monthly build (v0.1.1.7) was released, it is accessible for our Patrons.

Here is a list of what was improved since the demo build :

- Added an arcade VR booth where skill challenges will be available. - Added 2 VR challenge levels. - Created game rules for timer countdown, collecting ESpecks, and reaching checkpoints. - Added Hypershot ability, replacing scoring cutscene. (Lt+Rt while in the air) - Updated grinding colliders to be much wider. - Added small environment props : Ads panels, baskets, ditch covers, flower pots, ladders, Clothe hangers, stop signs, trash cans, toilets, flower pots, etc... - Updated the secret groovy grandma infinite loop room. - Fixed colliders and building bugs. - Fixed wallride off from riding to the sides of a wall. - Turned UD46 into a night ambience. - Added automatic language change on the fly. - Added automatic gamepad to keyboard icons on the fly. - Added ability to loop 360 degrees on rails. Introduced a minor bug in the license test spiral rail. - Added hats and bags and different clothes for pedestrians.

Here is what you can expect at least for next month :

- Zombeanies. (Sentient beanies that jumps on pedestrian's head for pacific zombification.) - Birds, cleaning drones, cats. - Performance optimization. - Shopping base code. - Fix drift direction after hit chain. - Fix new grinding side orientation bug. - Add exit VR from booth. - New environment. - New NPC implementation. - Bug fixes. - Skating feel tweaks.

This is a demo build that will be updated rarely. If you want to play a more recent version of the game, monthly builds are available to download via Patreon.

If you are interested in supporting our project, you can help us out and get rewards in return, thank you for checking it out! :)

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