Neon Tail screenshotsaturday 20200201

Hi, trying to keep up with #screenshotsaturday on my project Neon Tail !
There's been a ton of work done these few weeks, but I think the amount of new things decreased the quality of those things.
I made a couple of cutscenes and created a new mission to introduce a new character, I managed to make it all functional, but the result is quite unpolished.
I borrowed some animations from other character for dialog reaction animations, but it doesn't fit at all... Still better than nothing. I'll definitively replace them next update!
Some unintentional wrong positioning on some of the mission outcome, but overall it's still satisfying.
This is the first mission that has 6 different outcomes that will change your relationship with this new character, knowing that your relationship with her will have consequences with what she will do and what you can do with her later.
Stay safe and have a nice week end! 

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